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The availability of SO2 total columnar data from different sources allows comparing model (MACC) and Satellite (OMI) data by means of the Spatial Correlation function.

A sample of MACC SO2 Total Column re-analysis data has been added: 3-hourly global data of SO2 Total Column for the period May 1 - 31 2010 can be seen, animate and processed via TAMP.

A sample of near real time CAMS data has been added: hourly data of SO2 mass concentration over Europe for Sept. 14 2016 can be seen, animate and processed via TAMP.

On 24 August, an earthquake struck central Italy, claiming at least 290 lives and causing widespread damage. Satellite images are being used to help emergency aid organisations, while scientists have begun to analyse ground movement.

Time series of AURA OMI SO2 Level 3 maps available for the Holu 2014 event. The daily aggregated best pixel maps allow a better overview of the coverage and extension of the event