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What is TAMP?

The TAMP project has the main scope of implementing a system that allows its users (mainly belonging to the science community) to access and exploit a virtual working environment in the field of atmospheric sciences with the aim to improve satellite atmospheric composition algorithms.
The main purpose of the TAMP environment is to allow performing validation and verification activities, comparing satellite / retrieved information with model data and ground-truth information. Moreover, data processing capabilities are provided to combine data, create new collections and verify their accuracy.

This video provides an overview of the main system functionalities

Here you can find more detailed information about the:

TAMP User Handbook

The TAMP User Handbook describes the steps that a TAMP user must follow to access and correctly use the TAMP software system developed in the framework of the TAMP project through a description of a typical system usage.

The document is available for direct download in PDF file format.