Data Analysis and Validation Environment (DAVE)

The Data Analysis and Validation Environment (DAVE) is a browser client application which provides methods to visualize data available on the server and accessible to the user in an interactive way. It can be widely used, as there is no need to install additional software or to previously download data in order to use the platform. The client is designed as Single Page Application (SPA), which means only one website is loaded, providing a user interface with various panels which is updated dynamically when requesting new information from the server based on user interaction.

The following videos give a basic overview of the capabilities of DAVE.
1D, 2D and 3D data visualization and animation are covered.

TAMP DAVE features overview

1D data visualization (EEA SO2)

LIDAR data visualization

2D data visualization (GOME SO2)

2D data animation (FLEXPART)

2D data animation (BASCOE)

Data overlay (FLEXPART 2D & GOME SO2 2D)

3D data visualization (FLEXPART)